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The newest MiniTip video is “Word Shapes,” posted 9/30/12.

Titles include:

  • Five Vocabulary Games
  • Just Six Syllables
  • Summarizing
  • Sight Words
  • Inferences
  • Learning with Context Clues
  • Teaching Author’s Purpose
  • Six Strategies to Motivate Reluctant Readers
  • Teaching Word Analysis Skills
  • Sequencing
  • Word Shapes
  • Choral Reading to Improve Fluency (coming soon)
  • Teach Decoding by the Chunk (coming soon)
  • Ten Great Sight Word Activities (coming soon)
  • and many more!!

Become a member of the MiniTips Library to get access to these videos!!  It’s free to sign up.  Just click the Join Now link below.  

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